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The Passion

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The Passion


RageStorM HAS perfected their craft with “The Rise Of The Passion” that features the most brain-shattering tempo changes and riffs on thier new EP ” The Passion”. As they keep producing high enegry songs with their own unique style of metal, RageStorM is sure to top the metal charts.
Robert Deuce – Metalhead Radio 10/10

This little three song appetizer allows us to hear a band that already has taken a stance on their music and sounds as mature and destructive as Death Metal bands 4 times their age and 3 or 4 labels in, this without a single full length album or a label to back them. I don’t know if there is anything more Metal then that.
The Metal Observer 8.5/10

Analyzing their work we have the impression of a skilled band, ready to do big things.
metalitalia.com 7.5/10 and October Top Demo