• Ragestorm - The Meatgrinder Theory
  • Ragestorm - Debt Ritual
  • Ragestorm - Polysilicotetrapropy
  • Ragestorm - Moloch
  • Ragestorm - Idiocracy
  • Ragestorm - Acid Tears
  • Ragestorm - Hari Seldon's Speech
  • Ragestorm - The Thin Line Between Hope And Ruin
  • Ragestorm - Soldiers Of A Lost War
  • Ragestorm - New World Disorder
  • Ragestorm - Reaching The Imp
When you grow up in a small and boring Italian mountain town, finding a good killtime becomes a matter of life and death; somebody try with sports, some others with alcohol…we thought that Metal could be fine. Basically we were 4 sixteen years old kids who formed a band just for joke but, almost immediately, we started composing songs and after a couple of line up changes we made our first gig in 2005.

In the early 2006 we recorded our first demo called “Storm Inside” and we made a minitour around north Italy to support it. This demo was a little bit naive but the genuine rage in it was appreciated both by audience and press.

After two years and others line up variations we come back in the studio to record “Someone Hears?” who received excellent ratings from Italians and foreigns webzines: we conquered the position of “demo of the month” on Metal Hammer Italy, Metalitalia.com and Metal Storm Magazine (USA).

Also, thanks to the success of “Someone Hears?”, we started a collaboration with the american web radio Metal Head Radio who aired our songs in heavy rotation for some months.

In march 2008 we were ready to give birth to a new work: “The Passion”. As “Someone Hears?”, also “The Passion” took good ratings from  webzines around the world and, for the second time, we won the position of “demo of the month” on Metal Hammer Italy and Metalitalia.com.

To support this EP, we started an intense live activity during 2009/2010.

In this period we had the chance to play in Swiss, Holland (supporting Rotting Christ @ 2009 edition of Eggfest) and in many Italian cities, like Rome, Turin, Brescia and Aosta, also supporting big names like Linea 77, Extrema, Necrodeath and Subsonica.

In May 2010, after one last line up change, we recorded our fourth EP called “The Meatgrinder Manifesto”.

In this EP we took the distance from our “core” influences in favor of a mix between different Death Metal schools and some modern American Metal sounds.

We also get tired about introspective stuff, so we based all the new lyrics on a politicalphilosophical metaphor that we called “The Meatgrinder Theory”, wich is explained in the first song of the EP.

Welcomed by good reviews and supported by a minitour between Italy, France and Swiss, “The Meatgrinder Manifesto” increased our visibility and gave us the base for our first full lenght album. After three years of hard work, in June 2013 “The Thin Line Between Hope And Ruin” finally came to light.

Eleven tracks, more than fifty minutes of lenght, the most extreme and strong songs we ever recorded, the most meaningful lyrics we ever written and a terrific artwork: “The Thin Line Between Hope And Ruin” is the natural evolution of its predecessor. And we’re fuckin  proud of it.